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First Look: Michigan vs. Indiana TV Time & Game Information

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That...did not go well. Penn State whited out Michigan's plans for a perfect record in four agonizing overtimes. No rest for the weary, however, as Indiana comes to Ann Arbor after having been beat up by Michigan State. Two teams coming off a loss is always a curious thing, and it's up to Michigan to fix their offensive calamity in time to hang with Indiana's receiving corps.

Justin K. Aller

Game Time: 3:30 PM EST | Hoosiers vs Wolverines coverage

Television: Big Ten Network

Series History: 62nd Meeting; Michigan leads 52-9 (side note: !!!)

Opponent Blog: The Crimson Quarry

Weather Forecast: Overcast and mid fifties, chance of rain

Let us now move on as if that debacle of a game in Happy Valley never happened. More grating, is that Matt Millen's supposed objectivity went out the window as soon as it looked like Penn State was going to tie the game. As agonizing as it is for fans to watch a semi-implosion followed by inability to hold it together for a few plays to win the game, it's a million times worse for those players. Blame coaching, hostile environment, the wind, the lion roar, anything besides those players who tried their hardest to hang on in that game.

There's no getting around it that Devin Gardner is officially a head case, but most of the cobwebs can go away with a rebound victory. More concerning is Fitzgerald Toussaint's penchant for getting blown up at the line of scrimmage and aversion to gaining actual yards. Jake Ryan appeared on a football field for the first time this season, promptly blowing up a 4th down attempt, and it would surprise no one if he makes his first start against Indiana.

It's not all doom. Frank Clark awakened once again, and Devin Funchess showed more glimpses of what he can do at wide receiver. Raymon Taylor made an exceptional interception, and special teams is looking more capable by the week. Raise your hand if you had "running game struggles" in the pool.

Michigan has to return to more balance, and effective balance at that, in order to keep the ball away from Indiana. Tre Roberson is good, and the receivers around him are good. We saw what happened when Allen Robinson decided to get into the game late in regulation. Michigan's secondary is right on the cusp of being good, but Indiana likes to score points often, so they have to be good now, not later.

This is probably the first true spread team on Michigan's schedule, and the ability to control time of possession. If Michigan State can hang 42 on the Hoosiers, Michigan better be able to pull away from them due to a physical advantage...or so we think. Indiana's defense is not good, but with Big Ten games, it is anyone's guess what form these squads show up in. When in doubt, trust in Jake Ryan to be the difference in shutting down the passing attack...if he plays.