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Michigan vs. Indiana Game Thread

Michigan looks to bounce back against Indiana.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This has been the week of our discontent. All it took was a four overtime loss to Penn State on the road in their homecoming game.

Michigan certainly has issues. The offense is turnover prone and has no consistent run game because of youth on the offensive line and a stubborn adherence to under center run calls. Michigan will spend the game looking either inept or impressive, rattling off 70+ yard touchdown drives with just enough frequency to keep us all salivating over the promise flashed in the Notre Dame game.

This team is still a ways off from what we all want. Whether that growth is going to require experience on the line, consistency at quarterback, or a change in offensive philosophy, something needs to happen before Michigan becomes anything approaching the dominant team that fans clamor for.

Still, while the team we all want may be years away — if it ever really comes — the team we have right now is still here, and we only have six games left. Enjoy them all. Don't let the flies get in your eyes.