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College Football Week 9 Preview

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Katherine Webb with a new man, Michigan State football players aren't the toughest athletes in East Lansing, Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Ellen DeGeneres's huge tip for a waitress.

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Michigan football may be off for a week, but after their week eight victory over Indiana, there may be a need for some extra time to recover.

63 to 47. 110 points. Over 1,300 yards of offense.

Quite a Saturday to see, unless you are a defensive coordinator.

Greg Mattison was likely in the minority of people who didn't enjoy what they saw last Saturday. Touchdown after touchdown. Missed tackle after missed tackle. Michigan Stadium looked like a video game on display and from an offensive perspective, it was a clinic.

Devin Gardner and Jeremy Gallon's chemistry has never been better than against Indiana. The dynamic duo put together some record-breaking numbers.

Michigan has an extra week to prepare for Michigan State and it will take every second to prepare for the Spartans. The Wolverines will go up against their in-state rival in a hostile atmosphere on the road and deal with the #1 rated defense in the country.

The Spartans may have a tough defense but it appears that they may not be the toughest athletes on the East Lansing campus.

Team 134 may be off this week but that doesn't mean you need to have a case of the bye week blues. There's plenty to do, just follow in Taylor Lewan's footsteps.

If you decide to get off your couch and grab a bite to eat at your local pub, try to be generous with your tip. You might not be able to be as generous as Ellen DeGeneres, but you can try.

No matter what you do with your Saturday, make sure you tune in for some football. The football season goes by in a flash and before you know it, you'll be ready to make a New Year's resolution.

Or break one.

To each their own.


'Gameday' is headed to Oregon to visit the mighty Ducks. No, not the one's that Emilio Estevez lead in the classic Disney films. These Ducks are as relevant as ever and pushing to make an appearance in the BCS National Championship.


Johnny Manziel and the Aggies were a part of the SEC teams to take a loss in week eight. Manziel is banged up and it's uncertain if he will play this week. Texas A&M is going to need their star QB if they are going to try to fight for a potential New Year's day bowl game.

Vanderbilt is not a team to sleep on. Just ask the Georgia Bulldogs.

Vandy is a competitive football team that will look to pull off an upset for a second week in a row. The smart kids are ready to prove they are for real.


The best team in the BIG 12? Not Oklahoma. Not Texas.

How about the boys from Texas Tech?

Texas Tech currently owns the state of Texas and is looking to keep the momentum going. It's a tough test to win at Oklahoma, especially after the Sooners were embarrassed by their rival, Texas. You can bet that Bob Stoops is an angry man who would love nothing more than to put an end to the magical season that Texas Tech is having.

There might be no bigger Oklahoma fan than WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. The man is in a class of his own when it comes to broadcast television.


Tennessee is fighting it's way to becoming relevant in a crowded SEC conference. They have suffered some heart-breaking losses in 2013 and a trip to Alabama isn't a good place to look for a victory.

The Crimson Tide will likely roll but their popular QB, A.J. McCarron, should keep an eye on his lovely lady, Katherine Webb.

#12 UCLA @ #3 OREGON 7:00 P.M. EST. ESPN

Oregon welcomes 'College Gameday' to it's campus this week and it may be welcoming some trophies by the end of the season.

The best quarterback in the NCAA in 2013 doesn't play for Texas A&M or Florida State. His name is Marcus Mariota and he plays for the Oregon Ducks. The proof is in the statistics.

UCLA lost a tough PAC-12 battle a few weeks back at Stanford and will look to keep it's Rose Bowl and conference championship hopes alive. This is a legitimate test for the Ducks but it their high-powered offense should keep on rolling. This will be a high-scoring affair but it's too big of a task for anyone to try to keep pace with the Ducks.

As if Oregon wasn't already strong enough, now they will get back RB De'Anthony Thomas after missing a few games.


This game could get lost in the shuffle in what is a crowded slate of college football games. However, don't look past Missouri. From 5-7 to number five in the country.

Missouri is 7-0 and looking like a potential pain in Urban Meyer's side. If Missouri can get through this game with a victory, their next couple of games are quite favorable. Missouri could very well be 10-0 before finishing the season against Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

All that stands in the way of Missouri is that popular defensive player for South Carolina. Clowney is still a force to be reckoned with, no matter what the media conversations may sound like.


In all reality, there isn't much to see here. Ohio may win by three or win by thirty, but either way it won't make much of difference when it comes to the standings.

Even though Penn State beat Michigan a couple of weeks ago, they are still an a team that isn't ranked in the top 25 and a win at home will mean little to the Buckeyes. Ohio State is on the outside looking in when it comes to the National Championship conversation and they didn't do themselves any favors last week, when they struggled at home against Iowa.

Urban Meyer needs to keeps his team on the winning path and hope that someone ahead of them in the standings has a stumble along the way. Make no mistake about it though, Meyer is focused on that game at the end of the season in Ann Arbor.


If you decide to stay up late and don't feel like watching some World Series baseball between the Red Sox and Cardinals, this is the game for you.

The Cardinal may have been upset last week at Utah, but they still have a lot to play for. A potential Rose Bowl berth is still a legitimate possibility and they aren't completely out of the National Championship conversation.

This will be a tough road test for Stanford. No team is flying under the radar more than Oregon State and this will be a national stage for them to make a case for themselves. A win here and the PAC-12 gets all sorts of interesting.

Until next time...