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Tuesday B1G Roundup: Blow Outs and Bleeding Eyes

Minnesota got an historic win against the Cornhuskers, Penn State and Illinois were blown out, and Iowa/Northwestern made my eyes bleed.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota 34 - Nebraska 23

For Minnesota fans, this may be the biggest win since beating Michigan in 2005. Or is it? No matter where the win ranks, it means a great deal:

The Gophers amassed 430 total yards of offense on Saturday, 217 of which came on the ground. Nebraska was allowing 6.06 yards per play. When it comes right down to it, Minnesota took it to the Huskers. This wasn't a game that they eked out at the end. They were down by 10 points in the first quarter and then turned it on and didn't look back. Offensive coordinator (and fill-in for Jerry Kill), Tracy Claeys, called a beautiful and aggressive game. How aggressive? Only one completed pass was for less than 20 yards, and even that one was for eleven yards. Drew Goodger, the junior TE for the Gophers, made the best effort of the receiving corps: three catches for 68 yards to keep the Huskers on their heels. David Cobb accounted for 138 of the 217 yards on the ground, too. All in all, it was a stellar performance by the Gophers. Next for Minnesota: Indiana.

Nebraska, on the other hand, could have played a little bit better. They did rack up 189 rushing yards (165 belonging to Ameer Abdullah), but only 139 yards through the air. The two turnovers didn't help much, either. Examine if you will the predictions from Corn Nation, and compare to how Nebraska really performed. It was so bad that Corn Nation posted a suicide prevention thread. Next for the Huskers: Northwestern.

Iowa 17 - Northwestern 10 (OT)

Iowa was up a whopping 10-0 at halftime, before letting the Wildcats back in the game in the second half. Some of this game was on my TV; it's a very nice TV, but not a "smart" TV...yet it somehow kept turning the channel on its own whenever I would turn it to this game. At one point, I think it may have actually said something like, "I'm sorry, Dave; I'm afraid I can't do that.", which is weird since, y'know, my name's not Dave. The little bit that I did see of this game, made my eyes bleed. Jake Rudock was okay, not great; he went 19/27 for 169 yards, one TD and one INT. Of those 19 completions, none was more important than the completion to C.J. Fiedorowicz to seal the OT win, and that pass was strangely familiar to Iowa fans. I also encourage you to check out the arrest report from Kinnick; seriously, these are great. Next up for Iowa: Wisconsin.

Northwestern did a good job of holding the Iowa offense at bay in the second half, which allowed the Wildcats to tie things up at the end of regulation. However, two lost fumbles by Mike Trumpy stopped Northwestern in their tracks; one fumble was at the Iowa 30, and the other was at the 50. You have to think that those were drives that could have produced at least field goals that would have prevented the overtime session. As of writing this, the only post at Sippin' On Purple is this. Northwestern is now 0-4 in the B1G. 0 and 4 equals all of the disappointment.

Michigan State 42 - Illinois 3

Great Odin's raven! Connor Cook was a man on Saturday, going 15/16 for 208 yards and three touchdowns. I don't even have anything negative to say about Sparty's performance. Okay, so it was against Illinois, but you're supposed to beat those types of teams...maybe not by 39 points, but... State just looked really good against a team we figured was going to be terrible, and they did it in convincing fashion. Read the recap over at The Only Colors. I just wouldn't get too excited about the offense yet. Next for Sparty: Go Blue!

I have no idea what to say about Illinois. There are stats from the game, but I'm afraid to put them down in this piece; I don't want you going blind, dear reader. Tom Fornelli examines whether it's time to fire Tim Beckman. And as if things couldn't possibly get any worse for the Illini, it sounds like Ryan Lankford is done for the year, and Nathan Scheelhaase's dad got arrested at the stadium. Next for Illinois: at Penn State.

Ohio State 63 - Penn State 14

Ohio State decided that they were going to take the good feelings that Penn State may have been feeling after beating Michigan and pissing all over them. Penn State didn't score their first points until four minutes to go in the first half; by the end of the first half, OSU would be up 42-7. Carlos Hyde rushed for 147 yards, Braxton Miller threw for 252, and the Buckeyes never had to worry about a thing. If there was ever a dominating win, this was it. Much like the Michigan State victory, there really isn't much that can be said from a negative standpoint. Next up for Ohio State: at Purdue; oh, dear lord, what are they going to do to the Boilermakers?

Even though the Nittany Lions put up 357 yards of offense, it just wasn't going to be good enough. Allen Robinson was, once again, a giant out there, and received the BSD MVP for week nine. Other than that, they're just glad it's over. You can read BSD's recap here, or, if you don't want to read it, you can just set a bag of dog shit on fire and watch that; it's a fitting analog for how Penn State played.