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A Call to Action for the Maize n Brew Community

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You love this blog, right? Time to help do your part to make it great.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I know content has been slow this week (/shakes fist at bye week), but with the Big Ten season starting up again and basketball and hockey around the corner (yes, we plan to cover hockey) things will get busy around here once again.

Of course, we can't do everything on our own, and there are always bits of news, interesting links, and nuggets of analysis that we simply won't get a chance to cover.  What makes the SB Nation blogging platform great is the tools it gives the readers to help fill in these gaps.  You can just as easily as us share your thoughts or something you find cool.


Just like a front page article, this is a good way to write your own content for the site.  It can be anything from a quick 200 word editorial to a long, well-researched post on the topic of your choosing.  Fanposts are your way of getting in on the action.


See something cool somewhere else that your fellow Michigan fans might like?  A hype video or play breakdown or joke at Ohio State's expense?  Share it with the Fanshot tool.  It is an unbelievably quick way to share something that others around Maize n Brew might not have seen but might be interested in talking about.

All the normal community rules apply.  Keep things clean and avoid profanity where you can (we don't always, but use judgment).  Try to keep things on topic (college sports, Michigan related news, no politics/religion/etc.).  And if you see someone else wrote something, be sure to check it out an comment on it.

Why Should We Do This?

Because this is as much your site as it is mine or Anthony's or Space Coyote's.  You're the reader and the whole reason we keep the lights on around this place.  This is your chance to give back, to start a discussion of your own, and to potentially get your content featured on the front page.  If you write something interesting or share something that is worth highlighting, I can always frontpage your contributions right up at the top of the homepage.

Most importantly, this is the kind of thing that we can all do to help improve things around here, to build a stronger community of readers, and produce a better site with more for everyone.  Ask not what your favorite blog can do for you, ask what you can do for your favorite blog


Finally, if you want to take on a larger role, you have something to say, or want to cover something on a regular basis that we aren't (non-revenue sports, goings on around UM, etc.), please email me at zwtravis at gmail dot com and we can talk about it*.  I'm always looking for ways to expand the scope of this site.

*(This goes double if you are a current UM student who is interested in writing, editing, photography, media, or sports.  Seriously, we have some great opportunities here.)