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Michigan, A Lot - Concordia, Significantly Less: The Wolverines Win An Exhibition Game In Dominant Fashion

The Wolverine basketball team took to the floor for its first game-type substance last night and beat the pants off neighboring Concordia University, 117-44.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't watch the game, but I did look over the box score, so let's take a quick look at some things that stick out.

Glenn Robinson III is the greatest scorer in the history of basketball. Or at least the history of Michigan exhibition games against Concordia (I think. There isn't much of an established statistical record). GRIII dropped 33 points on 15 shots. he hit all five of his free throws, four of his six three's, and only missed one shot from two. This was all in 25 minutes of game time. GRIII probably can't do this consistently (because, obviously), but going HAM against a team like this is a good sign that he might have taken the step forward we were all hoping for.

All your rebounds belong to Jon Horford, wsg Jordan Morgan. Horford ended the game with 12 boards and Morgan chipped in 7. That is 19. Concordia as a team had 26. Both players started in this game — Beilein is apparently a lot more serious about his two bigs lineup than we all took him for — but Morgan only played 14 minutes.

Spike Albrecht has an iron grip on the starting point guard job. At least he started in this one, which isn't much or a surprise given that Derrick Walton is a true freshman and will need at least a short tune up before taking on a bigger role on the team. Albrecht did play three less minutes than Walton (21 to 24) and both tallied four assists. Albrecht had five points and Walton had 11.

Caris LeVert is Trey Burke, but taller. Recently it came out that the coaches were thinking about rolling out an ultra-big lineup featuring LeVert at point guard. If he keeps playing like this, that could be a smart move. He had 10 assists in this game to go along with 16 points on eight shots. LeVert is a big x-factor for this year's team. Michigan knows a lot of what it is getting from its other returning players, but LeVert could be poised for a big breakout. If he continues to impress it will raise the bar for just how good this team can be.

Nik Stauskas: still a shooter. Two of three from deep and seven of seven from the line. Twenty-three points total.

But not only a shooter. The Stauskas shirtless picture has been making the rounds, and 16 lbs of postive weight gain could go a long way toward helping Stauskas hold up to the physical nature of the game, and in this game he had three rebounds, three assists, a block, and a steal.

Other freshmen watch. Zak Irvin had 10 points in 19 minutes. Mark Donnal played just five minutes.

Michigan still doesn't foul. Just eight in this game. Doesn't turn the ball over much either, with only 6 here.