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What We Need to See: Michigan vs Minnesota

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At this point it's clear what we need to see from Michigan, and we'll continue to hope for it even though it might not ever come this season.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

No Turnovers

Period. Gardner doesn't throw interceptions, Dennis Norfleet doesn't fumble the ball away. Every turnover from this point forward will force the crowd to moan and groan in a hopeless effort to get rid of the stress that comes with knowing your team just isn't where it needs to be. We've seen enough turnovers.

Piece the Line Together

The offensive line needs to find three working pieces on the interior. Miscues up front have killed many of Michigan's plays from the snap this season, and Big Ten contenders simply don't start inconsistent offensive lines.

Keep Rushing Without Ryan

Jake Ryan will be back soon enough, but we still don't know if he'll be able to get after the ball like he could last year. Michigan needs Frank Clark to build off of his efforts against a poor Connecticut front, and Brennen Beyer can keep bringing the heat as well. Devin Gardner's turnovers and the defensive front's inability to get to the passer are both crippling weaknesses.

No Coverage Miscues

Greg Mattison loves him some zone and zone blitzes, but a zone is only effective when every player plays their ground correctly. Players like Raymon Taylor and Joe Bolden need to come prepared to play more consistently in zone coverage or Michigan is in for another long game.


This article is late for two reasons: I'm working on other major stuff for MnB, and this is a freaking recording that continues to write itself. Every week we come out and say that Michigan must dominate another weak opponent to show us it has put its weaknesses in the past, but Michigan continues to come out and play like a weak team.

It isn't a complicated formula. Don't throw it to Minnesota. Don't let Minnesota defenders run around unblocked in the box. Don't let Minnesota passers stand in a clean pocket to throw into mucky zone coverage.

Get the job done.