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Week Six: Minnesota Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan vs Minnesota from a coaching perspective. Find these tweets and more by following Space Coyote on Twitter.

It was very hard not to choose one of 20 random cheerleader pics this week, but this is Hoke going full Hulk
It was very hard not to choose one of 20 random cheerleader pics this week, but this is Hoke going full Hulk
Leon Halip
  • Vast majority of plays were with true unbalanced line. Flipping tackle to be on same side. Ran a lot of lead plays with guard pulling to MIKE and FB kicking OLB.
  • PA first down on Bolden. Picks up first RB to leak his side. Stayed on TB and FB wide open in flat
  • Lots of cover 2 from Michigan. Need to stay rush lane disciplined as LBs are dropping fast
  • Countess needs to get arm between TEs arms and rip ball. Not swat from behind on TD
  • Lack of return is because Jackson didnt engage on his block there. Needs to do better job sticking in tackler
  • Think failed draw play (on third and short) is on Kalis, who needs to get out on run block sooner. Bryant did very good turning 3 tech outside on pass rush. Front side did job on the draw play well, backside needs to complete play and it's a very nice pick up
  • Hoke likely talking to Morgan about his run fill from when Minn QB picked up 3rd and 5. Stopped feet and reached instead of breaking down. Need to keep feet moving and shadow mobile QBs so when you dive at feet you're actually diving into their legs.
  • On mid FL screen, Minn DL blew up the play. Released DL did great job getting hands in air. NT didn't fight inside slowing cross as well
  • Mich needs to hit Minn QB square a keep feet pumping. Guy churns feet well on contact and OL help him out by continuing blocks
  • DG needs to go away from Y-stick side on some of these plays. Defenses are reading that and have it reviewed on film now
  • This is Bryant's weakness, pass pro. Strong base that if he can set and get into defender is solid. Needs to do better job not reaching tho
  • Funchess lined up as outside WR in bunch formation, forcing a CB to defend him there. Knowing Minn runs cover 1, nice call. either forcing a safety to play outside position in space (won't happen) or CB to cover Funchess.
  • Michigan attacking corner with corner routes from WRs and flat routes from #2. Same concept as smash routes
  • as far as worrying about ditching zone scheme for man. When Green is in it's been all zone blocking. Fitz almost all man until late when they mixed it up a little. This is probably because Fitz has experience running out of man schemes and they have mostly rep'ed zone this year.
  • Minn is picking on Wilson who is struggling in run fill/man coverage responsibilities. Eyes in back field, lost TE on 3rd down play. Couple times has done poor job setting edge in 8 man box or filling quickly to LB level. Would like to see Gordon there, may be trust thing
  • Saw an adjustment from Mario O on last read option. Read it correctly earlier in game but squeezed too much. This time took wider angle. This forced Minn QB to give. Played QB both times, put himself in better position this time. Counter trap from gun would go big now tho.
  • Talked earlier about how Countess needed to rake between arms. Great job by Taylor to do just that on the pass break up
  • I think there is still room for improvement in pass coverage from LBs, but you see them in better position in this game. Passes still getting completed, but tackles after instead of YAC. It's improvement. Small steps but it's happening.
  • Slugo burned Countess there. Committed hips to slant and struggled in reverse pivot to get into WR's body. If can't reverse just turn & run. Turn and run is less effective and will leave any back shoulder or stop route wide open, but prevents big play in that situation
  • I think this game was almost exactly what Michigan wanted out of this game. Line up, power football, run some PA. Play defense. Nothing but conservative, overmatch opponent, improve this week with goal to improve every week. Build on this & move forward. Far from perfect game, not saying that, but it's what Michigan wanted out of the game. Heart got a break today, which is nice
  • Michigan clearly simplified playbook and started establishing an identity. Some are upset because it's not the direction some wanted this team to go (more spread), but this is the base, the foundation of the future offense. It certainly isn't all of the offense going forward, it's a conservative base of the playbook. You'll see it start to grow and expand and have potential to be more explosive, but this is what fans asked for, even if it's not.