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2015 Michigan Football Recruiting Board

The Maize n Brew recruiting board for the class of 2015 gives you an extremely detailed look at each and every player on Michigan's radar for the class. Come back for updates as more information comes to light.

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Michigan is once again an elite player in the recruiting game, thanks in large part to the efforts of Brady Hoke and his ability to assemble an honest, hardworking staff. Hoke's first three full classes have all been stellar, exceeding the fan base's wildest expectations in 2012 before putting even stronger classes together in 2013 and 2014. No one expected Brady Hoke to go out and reel in five-star players, but commitments from the likes of Kyle Kalis, Derrick Green and Jabrill Peppers have changed those expectations.

The class of 2015 could be Michigan's most talented yet under Hoke. Five-star players George Campbell and Damien Harris already give Michigan two of the finest offensive players in the country, and the Wolverines are in on plenty of great talent in defense as well.

Expect this class to have more of a national flavor to it than the first three. Campbell and Harris both live outside of Michigan's recruiting footprint, and targets like Tim Settle and Kevin Dillman could both widen the map even further. Michigan will take advantage of a great in-state class and the usual hotbed of talent in Ohio, but the staff's recent success will give it more opportunities to knock on doors across the country in this recruiting cycle.

The Board

Michigan's class will be relatively small, starting around 15, with the possibility of as many as 18 or more. Check the Scholarship Allotment Page to see a more thorough breakdown of the numbers. The good part? Michigan's roster is beginning to come together, allowing the staff to focus only on the best available at each position. Each positional tab includes a cell explaining how many Michigan needs at that position and why it needs that many.

An interest rating is assigned to each prospect; the scale goes as follows:

C- Commitment. Obvious.
F - Favorite. Michigan is either the rumored favorite in the prospect's top group or the outright leader.
TG - Top Group. Michigan is in this prospect's top group of schools but isn't ahead of the entire pack.
IC - In Contention. This prospect has interest in Michigan but has other schools ahead or is still doing his homework on the schools he's interested in.
OLI - Outside Looking In. This prospect has mild interest in Michigan, but the Wolverines are behind the top group.
NH - Not Happening. This prospect is probably in an area of the country that Michigan simply can't pull a kid out of, or he's a heavy lean to a different school.
INA - Information Not Available. This prospect might have Michigan in his top group, or he might not be considering the Wolverines at all. We simply don't know.

An importance rating is also assigned, with a rating of 5 being extremely important and a rating of 1 being not important at all. Prospects on the high end are usually both solid prospects and prospects Michigan is expected to land to fill a need; prospects on the low end are either pipe dreams or backup options at unneeded positions.

Each prospect's composite rating, measurables and notable (most impressive) offers are listed, along with specific notes about his recruitment and whether or not he holds a Michigan offer at the moment. A commitment has his interest rating replaced by a 'C'.

Links can also be found throughout the board. A player with a link in the second column has been profiled on Maize n Brew, whether it be in a Prospect Profile or New Blue. Film links can be found in the third column, if available. Scroll over the interest ratings to follow the link to a player's Crystal Ball, if available.

Scroll around. Click on links. Consume and discuss.