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Hockey Preview: Boston College

The BC Eagles come to Yost for the first non-exhibition tilt of the year

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Who:  Michigan vs. Boston College

When: Thurs 10/10/2013 @ 7:00 EST

Where: Yost Ice Arena, Ann Arbor, Michigan

TV: Comcast local Ann Arbor, Channel 900.

Remember Jack Johnson? He played for Michigan a while back.  He of the JMFJ moniker.  Boston College coach Jerry York certainly does.  BC comes to Yost for the first time since 2005.  The last time the Eagles were in Ann Arbor, they were given a not so friendly welcome which spurred on a great quote in The Daily

"That first goal by Jack shouldn't have counted," Boston College coach Jerry York said. "He should be in the NHL right now."

But that was only the beginning of what would be a very high-paced, frenetic first period. Many of the Boston College players were on the receiving end of hits courtesy of the freshman defenseman. But one hit in particular was the defining moment of the game. As a Boston College forward skated full speed up the ice, Johnson collided with him in the middle of the ice, and won. The Eagles forward was laid out on his back - with Johnson standing over him soaking in the intense moment he had created.

When asked what he said to the Boston College player while he was on the ice, he responded, "Welcome to Yost."

Our sources believe there was a five letter expletive after the last word of JJ's quote.

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BC comes back to town touting a #4 ranking and some offensive weapons.


- Johnny Gaudreau is a silky, heavily decorated, point scoring machine.  Last year he was a Hobey Baker finalist, a World Junior Gold medalist and All-Tournament team, a first team All-American.  Last year, he put up 21g, 30a = 51p in 35 games.  He is a G.  Expect a lot of Mac Bennett on him.

- Mike Matheson is a first round draft pick on Defense who was a +25 last year.  He's smooth, but not a dominating physical presence.

- Bill Arnold is another forward with a solid pedigree and more years in the system than the others.  He's a senior who scored 17 goals both last year and the year before.  He's also a strong guy who's tough on the puck.  He's a load.

- Kevin Hayes centers Gaudreau's line.  Usually you'd call this the Hayes' line, but it's not.  He's solid.  He dishes, he will score a lot of points also.


- Brian Billet is the guy in net tonight per BCinterruption.  He only played two games last year and eight the year before.  I don't expect him to be terrible, but he's not the second coming of Ken Dryden, either.

What to look for from Michigan

Not an easy way to start the season after losing at home in an exhibition game to Waterloo.  The Wolverines will probably be outchanced and outgunned and the Freshmen probably aren't ready to go just yet, but at least we know Steve Racine is our guy, now.

Expect Mac Bennett to play, a lot.  Expect to see Copp face up the Gaudreau line.  Expect the Spanish Inquisition.  We're going to find out a lot about Michigan in the first real game of the year in terms of what they look like against a team that can skate, score and win.

Sadly, Alex Guptill is out of the lineup for disciplinary reasons which takes Michigan's best forward away.  One thing not to expect, any excuses from Red Berenson.  The game being at Yost means Michigan will come out hard, but if you can't beat Waterloo, BC is a different eagle all together.

BC 5, Michigan 2.