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MnB B1G Bowl Projections: No Bowl Movement

Which teams are heading to which bowls?

Gregory Shamus

There really hasn't been much movement in the projections after last weekend's games. Although Ohio State didn't play, their hold on the Rose Bowl is still quite firm, and there's now a small chance that they'll be able to sneak into the BCS Championship. With Oregon losing, it will come down to a loss by Florida State or Alabama; even then, OSU may not be allowed in there.

Wisconsin is up to #22 in the BCS rankings, and needs to get into the top 14 to get that at-large berth. Defeating BYU certainly helps, but beating a 4-5 Indiana squad and a struggling 5-4 Penn State team aren't going to be enough to get there. Even if they end up beating a Minnesota team that is ranked #25 in the Coaches' Poll, that still won't be enough to crack that magic number for the at-large bowl. A loss to any of those teams, and they can forget it.

Michigan State didn't play, but shouldn't be adversely affected by anything, so they'll remain in the position that I had them last week.

Michigan is sliding and in danger of playing somewhere like "The Ridiculously-Long Named Bowl That No One Will Watch" that is played at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids.

Rose Bowl, Jan 1 Ohio State
Capital One, Jan 1 Michigan State
Outback, Jan 1 Wisconsin
BWW, Dec 28 Nebraska
Gator Bowl, Jan 1 Michigan
Texas Bowl, Dec 27 Minnesota
Heart of Dallas, Jan 1 Iowa
Little Caesar's, Dec 26 Not Filled

I really don't anticipate much more movement the rest of the way, unless some shocking things happen with Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Minnesota in these next few weeks.

Where do you think our teams will go? Comment below.