Devin Gardner

A lot of heat has come down on him recently which comes with being Michigan's starting QB. But can all of the team's failure be put on him? He had trouble turning the ball over earlier this season but he's worked to improve that. Part of Devin's problem is he's playing behind a weak offensive line and has no running game at all. That is not Michigan football. Looking ahead, Michigan needs to get much stronger on the offensive line and they'll need a new running back for 2014 as Fitz Touissant is gone (Thank God)! But who will emerge as Michigan's starting running back next season? Will it be Derrick Green? Justice Hayes? Do they have any stud running backs coming in next season? Cmon Leonard Fournette, your best opportunity is to come here! But back to Devin, he has one more year of eligibility to play if he so chooses. The question I have for you fellow Wolverine fans is do you want to see Devin Gardner be your starting quarterback in 2014? I honestly think he's just as talented as Jameis Winston, Teddy Bridgewater and Braxton Miller. He just needs to get some help from his offenive line and have a comptent running back who can pick up the blitz and that ain't Fitz!

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