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DaShawn Hand to Alabama

Michigan lost out on one of the nation's best defensive prospects.

Joe Robbins

Despite our trying will it to be true (and sorry about the early "New Blue" post, we had a technical error that caused the canned post to go live before we knew anything), DaShawn Hand has chosen to attend Alabama.

This one hurts.

Michigan has been the presumed leader for a long time, and the decision coming right after a tough pair of losses doesn't help.  It is unlikely that Michigan's recent struggles played a big role in Hand's decision, but I'd be lying if I said the last two losses were not a factor.

Michigan still has a very good 2014 class lined up and is in hot pursuit of four-star DE Malik McDowell.  The sky isn't falling just yet.

Share your disappointment below, but kept it respectful to Hand and his family.  This is the college choice of a teenager, so anything negative directed at him is going to tread closely to a ban.