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2014 Prospect Profile: Vic Enwere

After many of its final top prospects fell off, Michigan is revisiting the possibility of taking a ball carrier in the class of 2014. Could Texas running back Vic Enwere fill that void?

Gregory Shamus

Film and Ratings

Sugar Land, Texas
Fort Bend Austin
6'1", 210 lbs

Service Star Rating Position Position Rank Overall Rank
247 *** RB 58 N/A
ESPN *** RB 52 N/A
Rivals *** RB 47 N/A
Scout *** RB 65 N/A

The scouting services are all in agreement on Enwere: He's a three-star running back who doesn't have the skill set to crack four-star status. He holds offers from the likes of Houston, Michigan, Michigan State, Missouri, Utah and Virginia, although many other schools' interest have peaked following the release of his senior tape.


Frame: A-
This portion of our rating system isn't all too important for tailbacks, as they come in all different shapes and sizes in today's game. That said, Enwere has a solid frame for a running back, standing in at 6'1", 210 pounds and still possessing the feet necessary to make people miss. His length doesn't hinder his ability to change directions, and he still plays with a pad level that allows him to put people in the dirt. Surpassing the six-foot mark does help him as a receiver.

Strength: A-
This is where Enwere makes his bread. He'll break through every arm tackle attempted on him, and he probably won't go down unless a defense gets multiple bodies on him. He absorbs contact well, taking blows and contorting his body to remain upright and continue dragging helpless high school defenders along. Give him two years of college weight training and watch him become one of the more powerful backs in the conference.

Explosiveness/Acceleration: C+
Enwere is more feet than speed, if that makes any sense. He doesn't have the speed necessary to make a defense pay for letting him into the second level, but he can stab his feet and make defenders miss in the box. Combine this with his strength and you're looking at a back that almost always falls forward, which shouldn't be underrated.

On-Field Awareness: B+
Vision isn't a problem with Enwere, making the cuts you'd expect from a back of his caliber. We don't know if he's ahead of the curve as far as blitz pickups go, so don't put too much stock into this rating.

Ball Skills: B
Enwere looks comfortable catching the ball the few times he's given the chance on film. I get the feeling that he could be an asset as a receiver out of the backfield at the next level, much like former Spartan back Le'Veon Bell.

Ceiling: B+
Vic isn't an elite running back recruit, and his ratings reflect that. However, he is a big-bodied back with great power and feet, which would make him an asset in Michigan's system, which will put more and more stress on running backs as the seasons roll on. I really believe that he could come in and compete with DeVeon Smith for the second spot behind Derrick Green, especially if he can flash some hands in camp.


Enwere's recruitment never took off like some expected it to. Plenty of high-level schools were interested in him from the start, but no one true powerhouse ever came through with an offer – that is, until Michigan extended their offer just a few short days ago.

After taking an unofficial visit to TCU and receiving offers from Michigan State, Houston and others, Enwere committed to the California Golden Bears. He hasn't set a date to visit Michigan just yet, but he is expect to sometime soon.


This section boils down to one question: Can Michigan convince Enwere to go against his commitment to California and head north to Michigan? I don't think there's any question that the Wolverines could throw enough at him to make him consider flipping. After looking at California's season – the Bears are 1-10, with their only win coming against Portland State – it's easy to see why Vic would want to see Michigan, which is easily his best offer to date.

I won't go as far as to make a solid prediction. I will, however, say that Enwere will seriously consider Michigan when he visits Ann Arbor. Outside of guaranteed playing time, everything is working in favor of Michigan, which just needs to show Enwere that he is a serious commodity that they would like to land.