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Saturday Open Thread: Blue or Green, No Between

Hate Week is upon us.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us can look at other teams in the B1G and cheer for them, except for when they play Michigan. Some people hate everyone who isn't [TEAM NAME HERE], and others are well-wishers in that we don't wish other teams any specific kind of harm (to steal a line from the Simpsons). Today, we all hate Michigan State; anyone who says that s/he is a Michigan fan, but kinda likes State can GTFO. It's Blue or Green, today, there's no between.

Michigan vs Michigan State

East Lansing, MI | 3:30 PM Eastern


- Shash isn't totally about the hate, but we can forgive him for that. He recommends good beer. Anthony, on the other hand, is lettin' the hate flow.

- SpaceCoyote takes a look at how to try to exploit Michigan State's coverage. And, if you haven't read his articles or tweets, then get on with it, man! Great stuff.

- Zach has a preview of today's game and a Q&A with The Only Colors, while Big House Jack and I take a look at the other games in the B1G.

- There's so much good stuff here that I can't list it all; anything that I omitted can be found at our Game Eight Storystream.

You can also check out some previews over at Touch the Banner (just don't get too distracted by the beauty at the head of the piece. Me: "No, really, honey, I HAVE to read this; I can't help it if there's a beautiful woman at the top; I NEED to read other blogs....Yes, I know that I've been on the same page for an hour, but it's a really good article and I'm just trying to make sure that I soak it all in."), and MGoBlog.

Interested in what the enemy is saying? Yeah, me either.

For games outside of the B1G: at noon you can check out Army at Air Force on ESPNU. Call me crazy, but I like watching the service academies. There aren't too many good match-ups throughout the day today, until you get to prime time and Miami visits Florida State at 8:00 on ABC.

Before today's game, hang out here and comment on whatever you feel is necessary. Mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

Today's tune is on a somber note. The music world lost a legend on par with Bob Dylan last week, so here's a double dip of Lou Reed: