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Week 10 - MSU Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan vs MSU from a coaching perspective. Find these tweets and more by following Space Coyote on Twitter.

Gregory Shamus

1st Half

  • Michigan went to the stack formation 3-4 times that 1st drive to get MSU CBs off on the LOS
  • Tunnel screen is similar, runs CB off before block gets there. MSU adjusted a bit by playing tighter on the slot man
  • On the sack, Gardner has to read that quicker, MSU overloaded Michigan up front. Fitz on the LB that Fitz actually sealed inside.
  • It is clear though that Gardner is starting to feel the pressure. After nice pocket movement, MSU has won the interior on a couple straight
  • First time I believe I saw Power O to the RB out of gun this year. Bullough, as noted, beat the pulling OG to the hole to blow it up
  • Michigan walked down a safety on the very first play. I think that was the coverage bust, but could have been LB inside of him. Broken play, saw QB flushed, left assignment. Have to play assignment football
  • Good job by LBs to flow over the top on the end around to hold that play down
  • Big play again from a stacked set. Funchess stacked behind to get safety on him. Gallon got a cleaner inside release as well
  • Blitz attacked the mesh point on the inverted veer. DG made the incorrect read though
  • MSU saw that throw back in film study. Fitz blocked back instead of lining up roll side and blocking (somewhat of a tip). 3 MSU D read it
  • First run was a great job by Gordon squeezing down on the run hole. Allowed ILB to get into hole and fill. 2nd play was Gordon over squeezing and not keeping proper contain depth/distance. Couldn't keep down RB
  • MSU loves the shallow cross on 3rd down. They chip EMOL to buy Cook time. Taylor read it perfectly and came up with a nice hit short of 1st
  • Michigan had right play call on for 3rd down. 3 receivers for 2 defenders. DL pulled Kalis inside and twist got home
  • Michigan in cover 4 on 3rd down play. Countess needs to carry seam longer, safety-CB miscommunication on backend to boot. MSU ran a basic post-corner route. Drags CB inside and shields safety from the corner route. Was wide open
  • MSU played inverted veer same exact way as earlier. DG handed this time. Fitz needs to be better in space. 2 yard gain needs to be 4-5
  • Said at one point that Waynes sometimes struggles with body position. Got beat by Funchess and could catch up. Funchess was open
  • MSU blitzing much more today than usual (how much they do is overstated). Really picking on young OL and communication
  • Nice job I believe by Morgan on the power O run (with the hold) filling and meeting OL in backfield. Both teams prepared for Power blocking
  • Michigan's twists aren't getting home but they are collapsing the pocket, getting into Cook's step foot a bit.
  • When Michigan did bring pressure on 3rd down, MSU threw drag route right into vacated zone that picked up the yards they needed for the 1st
  • Interior of MSU's OL has been solid in picking up the twists, despite getting pushed back a bit. A few times the outside twists have worked
  • First two plays by Michigan on that drive set up by previous looks. Michigan ran draw action from gun a few times, rushers going straight to QB. Michigan ran draw for 9. QB Counter Power gives the RB Power or inverted veer look, Michigan used it to pick up first down
  • MSU is just flat out pushing the interior line back into DG though. No room to even step up. Need to be stronger at point of attack. MSU DTs are completely leveraging interior OL on passing downs. Leverage still wins, run or pass. Can't afford to lose 20 yards on a bad pistol snap though. That's what set that whole series back. Also flipped field position
  • Said previously that outside twists were getting home better than inside twist stunts. Michigan ran it there on 3rd down. Big for field pos
  • Including on 3rd down play, MSU filling very quickly (also on Iso play earlier). Getting in backfield, breaking down to not overrun play. Pop pass to TE in seam designed to take advantage of that. Safety broke up the pass to Funchess though (thought safety got there early, but need to be stronger with hands to make catch on play near the End Zone after big Chesson catch).
  • On 3rd down power, play is dead if Bolden keeps his feet. He dove, pulling guard could release and block Morgan, which was difference (on last drive of half).
  • Lewis abused on slug-go. Had over top and inside help and bit on inside move. This gave Thomas difficult job of getting over the top. On TD, Lewis in hang coverage. Almost always means inside help. When you break on post-look, need to keep body pos to prevent double move.
2nd Half
  • Mich moving safety into box and CB back to cover 1 position. On PA pass to TE Read: Taylor is not a safety, got pulled out of over top help. Need to understand TE is more difficult coverage assignment and stay home.
  • SU ran a really unique cover 3 there. Both safeties stepped up on hash like cover 4, MLB dropped to deep third. Confused DG's reads
  • 2 Verts from MSU there, WR stemmed into seam, TE into wheel. Looked like both UM defenders took wheel. MSU doesn't connect though.
  • That's a slide protection from Mich on 3rd down. Trying to make reads easier up middle and to right. No idea why Lewan is looking inside tho. Needs to slide inside, see no rush, understand situation and help his RB. Trying to protect that "spy blitz" they talked about too heavily.
  • Veer option from pistol is there to be had. Need to adjust blocking assignment. DE lined up inside DE. Block him, don't release to hang def
  • Morgan 2 major mistakes that drive (2nd to last TD drive). 3rd down pass he dropped to 8 yards on 3rd and 12 (on Cook fading away from pressure pass and catch). On TD, failed to square up on tackle.
  • Terrible pass on DG, but perfect position by Dennard. Good throw would have been broken up. Dennard got position and then found ball. Offense was visibly exhausted. MSU D has worn them down, especially DG. That leads to, well, that leads to front shoulder passes there.