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MnB B1G Week 13 Bowl Projections

Which teams are going to which bowls?

A spell for an ugly game is what came out of Pat Fitzgerald's fingertips
A spell for an ugly game is what came out of Pat Fitzgerald's fingertips
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, there really isn't much movement in my projections this week. However, things are getting a little interesting at the top of the BCS poll with Baylor gaining ground on Ohio State (the two are now separated by .13 of a point). Although I don't see the Buckeyes struggling at all against Indiana, especially after seeing how Wisconsin destroyed the Hoosiers, they must have a Badger-esque victory if they want to maintain that tenuous hold on the #3 spot. Baylor is charging hard and could overtake OSU without even really trying. Have you seen that offense? Whooo!

The only challenger to Ohio State in the B1G is obviously Michigan State. I'm actually trying to decide if I want to flip the two for the Rose Bowl and Capital One. The Spartans have a legitimate chance of beating Ohio State in the B1G Championship, but they'll need a career performance out of Connor Cook to make that happen.

Minnesota is playing the spoiler in the conference this year. The seniors are pumped up for the last game at home, they're an atomically hot team right now, and they actually have some confidence going into the game with the Badgers. Wisconsin is currently #19 in the BCS, and need #14 for the at-large bid; beating a ranked Gophers team will help them jump, but it still won't be enough...unless they completely dismantle Minnesota and blow them out.

Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan are bringing up the rear of conference teams, but Michigan's win against Northwestern makes them look less tire fire-ish. Iowa is in a prime position to dispatch struggling Michigan and Nebraska teams to end the season.

So, who's going where?

Rose Bowl, Jan 1 Ohio State
Capital One, Jan 1 Michigan State
Outback, Jan 1 Wisconsin
BWW, Dec 28 Nebraska
Gator Bowl, Jan 1 Michigan
Texas Bowl, Dec 27 Minnesota
Heart of Dallas, Jan 1 Iowa
Little Caesar's, Dec 26 Vacant

The bowl picture should be pretty solid this late in the season, but I really believe that things could get shaken up like dice in a cup after this weekend's games. Stay tuned; next week could see Michigan fall to the Texas or Heart of Dallas, while Minnesota moves into the Gator, and Iowa moves up into the Texas or Buffalo Wild Wings. I may even get loopy and decide to flip Ohio State and Michigan State.

Where do you think our teams will go?