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Going Behind Enemy Lines With Hampton Inn

College football is full of great traditions and gameday experiences. Thanks to the folks at Hampton Inn, I get to experience one of the most exciting and storied college football atmospheres in the country. It also happens to be Michigan's most hated rival, Ohio State.

Jamie Sabau

A little over a month ago I spent a weekend in Minneapolis for the wedding of an old college friend.  It was my first time in the Twin Cities, and as I walked around with various friends from college we all mentioned in one way or another how much we enjoyed Minnesota's campus and how nice it would be to visit all the Big Ten college towns.

I spent four and a half wonderful years in Ann Arbor and another year in East Lansing.  But past my trip to Minneapolis and a few scenic drives through Evanston, I am woefully unfamiliar with the rest of the Big Ten.  That ends this weekend.

If you've been watching much college football this fall, you've no doubt come across the Hampton Inn commercial that has that catchy song and is full of images that we all recognize as uniquely college football.

Well, thanks to SB Nation and the folks at Hampton Inn, I get to check off one more Big Ten school from my bucket list.

This weekend I will be traveling into the heart of darkness: Columbus Ohio.

Coming along with my is one of my best college friends and also a product of the Toledo area.  He is my guide into the deepest recesses of Ohio.

Part of this great opportunity to explore will involve this weekend's game between Ohio State and Indiana, but I am almost more excited to explore the rest of campus so I can see more of what Ohio State has to offer as a school and a Big Ten campus.  Thanks to the guys at Land-Grant Holy Land, I have  a full itinerary of places to visit and gameday traditions to behold.

All weekend I will be talking about the trip both on the site here as well as at Maize n Brew's twitter page (which you should already be follwing) and its Facebook page (which you should already like).  And if you want to find more information out about Hampton Inn so that you too can plan a getaway, you can click here.

Finally, be sure to follow the fine folks at Hampton Inn at all their social media pages.

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