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YFD is Pretty in Pink

hello kinnick my old friend

The true face of Iowa football
The true face of Iowa football
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

I think Simon and Garfunkel are my spirit animals for the season. Yowza. Michigan's done better when I've stayed off topic, so I'm not talking about the game. Done.

This week the Wolverines head for the "Friendly Confines" of Kinnick Stadium, described as one of the easiest places to play in college football. Apparently the Hawkeyes' old coach and football ambassador Hayden Fry actually had the visitng locker room designed to be more welcoming to visiting teams. How thoughtful of him!

Kinnick Stadium is named for Nile Kinnick, the Hawkeye Heisman Trophy winning-halfback who died tragically serving our country in World War II in an aviation accident - proving that the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God has been around a good long while - and that AIRBHG's been around a lot longer than any of us, or even the internet.

On a more serious note, a history lesson for you: check out Nile Kinnick's Heisman speech, widely thought to be one of the best ever. Cool stuff. I'd name a stadium after him.

We haven't done an in-depth beer recommendation in quite some time, owing to the crushing weight of Pac and Biggie Week and the desolation of this football season. But have no fear! It's full-on winter season now - and it looks like it's going to be cold in Iowa. I've got just the thing for you if you're in Iowa City and cold, which you probably will be.

Last year I got to check out Backpocket Brewing's fantastic Slingshot, and this year I found another one that's excellent - the Wooden Nickel peated Scottish lager. What is this, you ask? It's just a smoky peaty ale. And delicious and fairly dark for an ale, so excellent to warm your soul. Tastes just like a pink locker room.

In other news, there's a pretty huge rivalry game going on this weekend if you're a total nerd or an investment banker or doctor on the east coast, and I'm speaking of course about the Harvard-Yale game, quaintly entitled "The Game" like it's got the same weight as M-OSU. Anyway, it's this weekend and the schools hate each other in adorably nerdly fashion, and when they do, things like this happen:

There are some family ties to this rivalry but because Yale is blue and Harvard is red, we at MnB wholeheartedly endorse the Yale Whatevers in their quest to beat the Harvard Also-whatevers. I suspect they're basically a smarter version of my high school football team. But it's cool. Go for it, kiddos. Apparently Harvard basically always beats Yale. That's cool.

And quickly - this is one of the best weeks of the year because our friends over at BHGP are probably the best blog in the Big Ten. Give 'em a click or two. Until next week, Cheers, Michigan Faithful!