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Tuesday B1G Blog Roundup: So Very Tired

Nebraska got a good win in OT; Purdue got a safety; Illinois finally won a B1G game; Minnesota blew an opportunity; Michigan State and Ohio State have scheduled a meeting, and our beloved Wolverines yacked one up against the Hawkeyes.

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Let's take a look at what everyone is saying about their team's performance on Saturday...

Iowa 24 - Michigan 21

Well, the Wolverines have brought a new level of disappointment to their fan base after going scoreless in the second half Saturday. Michigan just couldn't get out of their own way. Iowa turned the ball over four times and still won the game. I just can't talk about it any more, so just stay here and check out our recaps and what-to-takes, and cross your fingers for next year. I hate you, Iowa; just check out Black Heart Gold Pants if you're interested in their take on the travesty.

Michigan State 30 - Northwestern 6

Connor Cook has turned into a decent quarterback. He's had his ups and downs, but he's thrown for 16 TDs and only 3 INTs. Jeremy Langford is good, too; he had 150 yards for the second week in a row, and five total TDs in the last two weeks. SpartanDan has some criticism of the Spartans' performance, and Chris Vannini looks back at his keys to the game. Congratulations to the Spartans on their upcoming trip to Indianapolis; I sincerely hope they beat the hell out of the Buckeyes. Northwestern, on the other hand, didn't look good past the first quarter and will not go to a bowl. Rodger Sherman has seen the future, and it is bleak for the Wildcats.

Illinois 20 - Purdue 16

Nathan Scheelhaase (257 yds passing), Steve Hull (169 yds receiving and two TDs), and Josh Ferguson (115 yds rushing) did a damn fine job in getting Illinois their first conference win in two years. It's been so long that The Champaign Room has never been able to write a victory recap...until this one. Tom Fornelli is thinking happy thoughts, and the players are happy, too. Congrats on the B1G win, guys. The streak is dead, long live the streak; make it two in a row. Illinois gave Purdue four turnovers, and the Boilers still couldn't do anything with 'em. Purdue is at rock-bottom and still has to face Indiana this week. Good luck with that.

Wisconsin 20 - Minnesota 7

Wisconsin beat Minnesota for the 10th consecutive time on Saturday, but look at the final score. If my math is accurate, and it probably isn't, Wisconsin's average margin of victory going into this game was 31.7 points; Saturday's margin was 13. Yes, Paul Bunyan's Axe stays in Madison, but Minnesota did what only Iowa and BYU were able to do...hold Wisconsin to less than a 20-point margin. After the game there was a bit of a tiff, because tradition rubbed one team the wrong way, and the other didn't like the home team defending its turf. I'm not necessarily one for moral victories, but the Gophers allowed only one Wisconsin running back to go over 100 yards on the day; that's sayin' something. Check out The Daily Gopher's recap here.

Ohio State 42 - Indiana 14

In last week's preview, I said that Ohio State would take a page from Wisconsin's book and use Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde to run up and down the field. Well, Miller had 144 yards and Hyde had 117; each guy had two TDs. But, the Buckeyes had four turnovers to keep Indiana in the game, but only insofar as the final didn't end up being 70-14. Did you notice how four turnovers is sort of a running theme throughout last weekend's games? None of the teams who were turned over four times lost. Weird. Land-Grant Holy Land recap? Recap. The Buckeyes are still #3 in the BCS, and they open as 13-point favorites at Michigan. /sigh

The Hoosiers actually finished with only 29 fewer total yards than Ohio State (442 to 471), gaining 320 through the air and scoring 14 points. The Crimson Quarry is just happy that Indiana was able to steal some style points.

Nebraska 23 - Penn State 20

I turned on BTN just as this game was entering OT, and I have to say that this was one of the most underwhelming OTs I've ever witnessed. I can't really quantify why, but it just didn't seem that exciting. Not surprisingly, Abdullah was the man for Nebraska, rushing for 147 yards, and Kenny Bell had a 99-yard kick-off return for a TD. Corn Nation has a recap and report card detailing what happened for the Huskers. Devon Edwards at Black Shoe Diaries talks about What They Deserved, and their Hey, Wha Happen? addresses special teams and an "exasperated" BOB. Are the Nittany Lions going bowling?

What should we take away from last weekend?

I think everyone is just getting tired. It's been a long and grueling season for most of the teams in the B1G (even the guys at the top), and I think some are just looking to get a little rest. Sure, all seasons are long, but this year has seemed especially brutal to the teams in our favorite conference. Just one more weekend, boys, and then you can rest a little bit...regardless of whether you have a bowl game or not.