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MnB B1G Bowl Projections

There's been a little movin' and shakin' in the last week.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There are some changes to the projections this week. The Wisconsin Badgers are currently ranked 15th in the latest BCS standings, and you have to think that a win over Penn State will push them into position to get that at-large spot (even though I never believed they would be able to jump this far).

With Wisconsin's bump up to the BCS, Nebraska should be able to move up a slot and into the Outback Bowl, while Iowa should be able to get into the Buffalo Wild Wings Really Bad Commercials Bowl.

I think the status quo remains for the other projections. I know ESPN thinks that Minnesota will jump over Michigan and go to the Gator Bowl, but I'm not sold on that idea. Michigan is still the bigger draw, and both teams losing to end the year will just mean that they remain in their current positions.

Although I still have Ohio State going to the Rose Bowl, I'm softening on that position a tad. I'm not man enough to actually pick Sparty yet, but there is a legitimate chance for Michigan State to steal the B1G Championship.

With the Badgers probably moving into a BCS bowl, that then leaves two of the B1G affiliated bowls empty. Even if there were other eligible teams, those spots would remain open, because no one wants to watch three hours of punting.

Rose Bowl, Jan. 1 Ohio State
Orange Bowl, Jan. 3 Wisconsin
Capital One, Jan. 1 Michigan State
Outback, Jan. 1 Nebraska
BWW, Dec. 28 Iowa
Gator Bowl, Jan. 1 Michigan
Texas Bowl, Dec. 27 Minnesota

Where do you think our teams will go?