I stumbled on something

written by my favorite sports journalist, in 2011, about my favorite coach. The coach that Jabrill Peppers wants to play for, and is threatening to leave if he doesn't stay. It's a Freep article by Michael Rosenberg, and two paragraphs stood out to me, to any of you who forgot who you hired:

"I did a bad job of preparing that group of guys for the next season," Hoke said. "I assumed, since they started in '97 and played a lot of football, that they understood, on a daily basis, what it meant to prepare. And I did a crappy job. I did a terrible job. I blame myself for those two losses, the Notre Dame loss and the Syracuse loss, because we didn't play up front."

His boss, Lloyd Carr, has a rule about losses: When they come, the coach has to be extremely tough. He doesn't mean tough on his players. He means he has to show he is tough. If the head coach breaks, so will the team. All 13 of Carr's teams finish with winning Big Ten records; 10 his last 11 teams finish at least 6-2 in the league. Hoke learns the importance of consistency, not just day to day, but from assistant coach to assistant coach.

Yes, he's still the man for the job. Big Al, Funk, I don't know. But never, ever let a small window of time change a long-term view of someone. Knee-jerk reactions don't get you out of bad situations. Fact is, we're learning on the field how to be a good team, and we need better O-line players, which are coming.

Also, we're fucking Michigan. We will always be a destination for great recruits that want to build a legacy. Never lose confidence in yourself.

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