Michigan is who we thought they were.

Yesterdays game between Michigan and in state rival Michigan State was just hard to watch if you were a Michigan fan. The "High Powered" V8 offense that Michigan was supposed to have was either left in Ann Arbor or in all reality was a 4 cylinder 150 HP FIAT from the beginning that was only playing mediocre competition. I knew going into the in state rivalry that Michigan had there hands full but I did not expect Michigan to get annihilated and punched in the mouth on defense. It was down right dreadful to watch. Michigan St pounded the Wolverines until Michigan broke down and waved the white flag. Don't get me wrong, Michigan St has a good defense but Michigan should have came out with a dynamic game plan to challenge there defense. I mean for crying out loud Michigan St stayed in there 4-3 defense the whole game. It was imperative that we exploited that and we failed in that regard. This game also showed that while Devin Gardner is a great athlete, he is a sub-par quarterback at best. He has a hard time delivering the ball with accuracy and understanding defense and the Spartans made him pay for his lack of skills at the QB position not to mention the offensive line was shaky and that's being nice BUT Devin has the get the ball out his hands faster too. Our offense has to become better if we want to take the next step forward. Our little brother knocked us 2 steps back but lets face it Wolverine nation our little brother isn't so little anymore and we need to act like it. As far as moving forward we have a long ways to go especially when it comes to playing on the road in big games. We lost to Penn State for crying out loud. I'm not disrespecting Penn State but Michigan should have throttled them but just because your more talented than the team in front of you doesn't always mean your going to win. Say what you want about those Buckeyes but there winning and if Michigan does not play more efficiently and with better execution we WILL get embarrassed Nov 30th at the big house. The game that's simply called "The Rivalry" will turn into the Buckeye a## whooping of Michigan if we don't do something drastic fast. Right now Michigan is who we thought they were, a good team that is consistent at being inconsistent.

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