Some thoughts on the coaching staff

I know that a lot of Michigan fans are upset right now at Al Borges and his game plan against Michigan State and Darrell Funk for the offensive line's struggles all season long. I've read several fans call for one or both assistants to be fired, I'm not ready to give up on Coach Funk yet but it might be time for Borges to go.

Brian at mgoblog doesn't think that Coach Hoke will decide to replace Borges but I'm not so sure. As you can guess by my user name, I'm a Ball State alumni and I was at Ball State for all but Coach Hoke's last two seasons at his alma mater. Coach Hoke went through two offensive coordinators in his first three seasons, he was good friends with the second offensive coordinator but demoted him anyway when it was clear a change needed to be made. I think that if Coach Hoke is convinced that a change needs to be made with Borges he won't hesitate to make it. Borges might not get fired altogether, Ed Stults was "promoted" to assistant head coach and special teams coordinator after being relieved as offensive coordinator, so there would be a precedence for Borges to be made assistant head coach and QBs coach.

As for Funk, I think he deserves at least another season before a change is made. Offensive linemen typically take longer to develop than skill players and the Wolverines are very, very young at offensive line. Another reason I think Coach Funk deserves more time is his record of developing offensive linemen at Ball State and how many of them made it to the NFL. From the 2007 team only the starting right guard never saw time in a NFL training camp. Coach Funk either coached and/or recruited Robert Brewster, Dan Gerberry, Austin Holtz, Kreg Hunter, Kitt O'Brien, Andre Ramsey, and Michael Switzer during his time at Ball State and all of them became NFL players. Brewster was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, Gerberry spent two years on the Lions' practice squad, Switzer spent a year on the Bills' practice squad, and Holtz was one of the final roster cuts in training camp by the Giants this season. That's a very impressive track record of developing quality offensive line at a mid-major program, Ball State was not known for sending offensive linemen to the NFL until after Coach Funk arrived in Muncie.

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