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Maize n Brew B1G Bowl Projections

Which teams are going to which bowls?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We've gotten to that point in the season when the bowl picture has become a little more clear. Some teams became eligible early (Minnesota), while others are surprisingly out of the picture (Northwestern).

Wisconsin has a very good chance at running the table the rest of the way, and finishing with just the loss to Ohio State. Speak of the devil, the Buckeyes are a lock for the B1G Championship Game and the Rose Bowl. With the way Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon have been playing, I just don't see the Buckeyes being able to break into the BCS title game. Back to the Badgers for a moment; given the fact that they are #24, their remaining opponents (BYU, Minnesota, and Penn State) won't necessarily allow them to jump up too far in the polls to grab an at-large bid.

Although Michigan State will probably get through the rest of conference play without a loss, they'll take a hit against the Buckeyes in the B1G Championship, which will push Wisconsin ahead of them in the bowl pecking order. Plus, everyone knows how well Wisconsin fans travel, so they're a very attractive option for any bowl. I know that will piss off the State fans, but I think this will be yet another year that sees them not make a BCS bowl game. Sparty is in a similar situation as Wisconsin as far as their remaining schedule not doing them any favors. Sitting at #17, MSU has Nebraska, Minnesota, and Northwestern remaining. They'll be able to jump up a few spots, but the loss to OSU in the Championship will drop them out of at-large contention.

Minnesota is a team on fire, and they have a chance of beating Penn State and the Badgers, but no chance of beating the Spartans.

Sitting at the bottom with Northwestern: Indiana, Illinois, and Purdue are also out of bowl contention.

My predictions...

Rose Bowl, Jan. 1: Ohio State

Capital One, Jan. 1: Michigan State

Outback, Jan. 1: Wisconsin

Buffalo Wild Wings, Dec. 28: Nebraska

Gator Bowl, Jan. 1: Michigan

Texas Bowl, Dec. 27: Minnesota

Heart of Dallas, Jan. 1: Iowa

Where do you think our teams will go?