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Saturday Open Thread

Yet another week of trying to forget the previous week's game. This is getting old.

Leon Halip

Michigan gets to play a Nebraska team that we have been able to handle quite well since they joined the league (regardless of last year's loss). Let's hope that Devin Gardner can take advantage of a poor Nebraska defense and get a much-needed win for our guys.

Michigan vs. Nebraska

Ann Arbor, MI

3:30 PM | ABC

It's a big game for the Maize and Blue this weekend; a must-win, in fact. Anthony gives us the keys to restoring hope in Ann Arbor. Kevin has a first look at today's match-up, and Zach goes through a Q&A with Corn Nation.

If you're not quite ready to feel good, you can always check out Fouad's recap of last week's game. It's a very good article until he compares Michigan's pass-blocking to the Maginot Line...that's when it becomes sublime. And SpaceCoyote looks at Michigan's coverage last week.

Shash does...something.

ZoobyQ takes a Twitter preview of this weekend's games in college football, and I look specifically at the B1G.

Elsewhere: MGoBlog Fee Fi Foe Film's Nebraska, and previews them, too. TTB also previews the game (with a pretty girl, of course). Want another pretty girl? Okay.

What about the day's other games? Well, at noon you can watch Florida State and Wake Forest on ABC. This is either going to be an embarrassing blow out for the Deacons, or FSU gets tripped up (yes, to a 4-5 team). Another noon game to keep an eye on is Auburn at Tennessee. As I've stated before, the only reason to root for Tennessee is because head coach Butch Jones is from Saugatuck.

The late afternoon games aren't too worthy, but Mississippi State travels to College Station to take on Johnny Football at 3:30 on CBS. You just never know what's going to happen in the SEC.

LSU takes on Alabama at 8:00 on CBS. That's clearly the game most people will be keeping an eye on. If this game was being played in Baton Rouge, I'd call it for the Mad-Hatter, but playing at Alabama is going to make this a tough one. There are only two ways this game can go: Miles will pull some weird shit out of his ass and win with no time to go and some poor clock management to boot, or Saban's Tide will completely destroy the Tigers. I don't think it will be low-scoring.

Okay, folks, the open thread has been pretty successful thanks to you; let's keep it going this week, too. As always, the comment section will be a free-for-all; talk about whatever you want, but mind the guidelines...don't be a douche. Keep the negativity to a minimum. I'll be around later in the morning to hang out with you. Go Blue!

Today's tune: Camper Van Beethoven...