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Whatever, I'm Already Dead Inside: Michigan 13 - Nebraska 17

The Wolverines lose a heartbreaking game as the offense completely fails to show up for the second game in a row.

Michigan's defense showed up.
Michigan's defense showed up.
Gregory Shamus

So much for a home win streak.

Sometimes it just isn't your game/season/decade.  Michigan;s offense has taken leaps backwards every single game.  It is hard to imagine that this is still the same group of players that put together a nearly perfect outing against Notre Dame.  For the second straight game Michigan failed to break into positive yardage on the ground (sacks included).  Michigan was almost held out of the end zone for the second straight game, save for the first drive of the second half — a brief respite from the offensive ineptitude of the rest of the contest.  The culprits?

Al Borges - Yeah, you just can't telegraph your intentions this much and expect anything good to come of it.  Michigan continued to run the ball in predictable ways which was almost always met by a near perfect defensive play call.  The few great calls that did work were almost glaring compared to the rest of the offensive game plan.

Devin Gardner - Sure, he played another heroic game taking hit after hit and dealing with near constant pressure, but for the second game in a row he ate too many negative losses and refused to get the ball out.

The Offensive Line - Michigan saw pressure all day.  Michigan State showed the blueprint to everyone for the rest of the season: make the Michigan OL pick up blitzes and stunts.  For the second day in a row Michigan couldn't do it at all.

The Running Backs - If you don't pick up blitzes all day it won't end well.

This game is absolutely not on the defense.  Michigan forced seven punts and a late fumble that should have set Michigan up for a seven point lead.  The first half saw Michigan constantly in terrible field position as a defense — both of Nebraska's first half scores came with field position from mid field — and Michigan held Nebraska under 300 yards of offense and to just three yards/carry.  It was a wasted effort.

Michigan absolutely should have won this game.  Even a below average effort on offense gets the Wolverines the measly amount of points it needs to eek out a win. And don't forget, folks: Nebraska's defense is not good.

175 yards.

Yeah, this was an abomination of an offensive game.  No, I don't care that you think Al Borges should be fired.  Keep it to yourself or risk a ban.  I'm in no mood tonight, folks.