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YFD Introduces the Fourth Annual Maize n Brew Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em

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We've been doing this for how long? Four years? Outlasting Michigan head coaches since 2009. Wait, that's not right.

Streeter Lecka

What's that, you say? Yup. It's that time of year again. Get ready for 35 bowls. Count 'em up. That's 70 football teams slogging it out for the honor of being, depending on the situation, the national champion or the national Beef o' Brady's Champion. So we need a filter.

Luckily, we've got you covered here at MnB. Who cares about Central Arkansas A&M Tech versus Southeastern Alaska? I don't. Actually, I'd watch that. That's besides the point.

So, join our pick 'em... if you think you're good enough.

We'll figure out a prize that is both fitting and deserved, without being redundant.

Oh - and a few new wrinkles this year. We've introduced Prop Bets for each game, which may change or not. Either way, they're five points. Got any? Email me. Whatever. Also: remember, as always, that if you pick Notre Dame, you don't get points for the pick. It's amazing how many people get tripped up by that.

Deadline is before the first bowl game on the form kicks off, which I have no idea. I think it's after Christmas but if it isn't, not my problem.

Happy picking! And while you're at it, give this a shot - the Starr Hill Snow Blind Doppelbock. It's delicious. It's lighter and sweeter than most doppelbocks, but still eminenly drinkable and dark enough to keep you warm. It's available along most of the East Coast - have at it.

Cheers, Michigan Faithful. I expect to beat all of you again this year.