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Michigan Basketball Open Thread: Arizona Wildcats

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The Wolverines welcome the No. 1 ranked Arizona Wildcats to Crisler.

Leon Halip

Welcome to today's open thread! Hopefully we can get some good participation today; threads are fun to do and fun to participate in, and we want you to have a good time around here. So come on in, sit down, and enjoy the game.

Arizona Wildcats at Michigan Wolverines

12:00 PM Eastern | CBS

Ann Arbor, MI

In case you were too caught up in football to pay too much attention to Michigan basketball until a couple weeks ago (I know I was), a good place to start today would be Zach's Hoops Preview; once you've done that, get caught up with everything else.

Arizona's a pretty good team--that is why there's a "#1" in front of their name, right? If you're interested in how they feel about today's game, their SBN site is called Arizona Desert Swarm, and they posted a scouting report for today.

So comment away, but mind the guidelines...and Go Blue!

Today's tune is brought to you by my eight year old daughter's favorite band...