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Monday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Ooooh Kills 'Em

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MRR updates you on the very latest Michigan football recruiting rumblings. What did recruits think of Michigan's close game against Ohio State? Which recruit looks vastly improved in his senior tape? That and more.

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Recruits Impressed by Michigan Following The Game

Recent weeks have been tough for the Michigan football program. Losses have stirred up quite a bit of false rumors and questions about the program's ability to recruit after such an awful season. It turns out that most recruits were impressed by the team and the atmosphere:

First of all, Jabrill Peppers isn't going anywhere. Dave Brandon's press release may or may not have calmed him down a bit, and it's very obvious from his Twitter feed that he's emotionally invested in Michigan.

Second, this game helped Michigan's ability to recruit down the line. Hoke is still working with players he didn't recruit, and although the same thing goes for Urban Meyer, we all know Hoke was given a roster with much less talent and many more major holes to address. Michigan's ability to recruit elite talent hasn't changed one bit.

Maurice Ways' Senior Tape Impresses

Months ago when Maurice Ways committed to Michigan, I came out and said that he was underrated and had a much higher ceiling than most scouting services gave him credit for. His senior tape shows a bigger, stronger, and more explosive player than a year ago:

He also looks much more confident on the field, performing a perfect rendition of the Terio at 1:50 of his tape after scoring on a reverse. In case you aren't in the loop:

Maurice Ways is indeed killing them.

General Notes and Multimedia Items

I've got nothing for you in the General Notes section today, so I leave you with a gift from Devin Funchess:

Hope for next year comes in the form of a 6'4" hurdler.