Poll ~ Next Year's Predictions?

The bowl is a week away. This will be the last game for Taylor Lewan, Fitz Toussaint, Jeremy Gallon, and Jeremy Jackson, who will all be missed. I'm looking forward to the game a lot, and see one more outing by the Michigan Men, good, bad, or ugly, before we head into the season we win - recruiting season (oh, burn! hey, you gotta poke fun at yourself). And, I'm not anticipating a W "because we're playing K-State." But one thing's for certain, there will be a lot of good discussion about football, our own programs, and who we want to see go down in flames.

Take-away points, which Devin Gardner shows up? Hoke is a troll to media, but rest assured he's playing. Remember when he suspended Frank Clark and Fitz Toussaint against Alabama for one game but told them it would be two if word got out? Hoke is like Santa and Bill Belichick all rolled into one. I'm sure he'll play; the question is how well will he play. But that conversation has been hashed out already. Also, how many turnovers, and can we run the ball? Hoke re-inserted Kalis to the starting line-up against Iowa, which seemed to backfire against the Hawkeyes but then help us with Ohio. If we can get 152 yards on 4.3 yards a pop like we did against Ohio State, we'll be in good shape, and DG is far removed from his Akron days. At any rate, the Jekyll-and-Hyde of Akron/UConn and ND/OSU can't go on forever; it has to balance out.

I will keep this poll open until after the bowl game because I think it'll add to the lead-up to see what people are expecting out of this coaching staff next year and the direction of our program, and then, if another small sample size changes that at all. I myself am predicting that our tarnished Michigan name will drive away recruits, cause transfers, and leave us as the dregs of the FBS. That makes sense. All right, happy holidays.

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