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Saturday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Has Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

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What's the latest on Michigan's football recruiting efforts? Which Arizona prospect recently got his Michigan offer? That and more.

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Michigan Offers Kirk, Other AZ Interests Peaking

Shane Morris and the rest of the Michigan Wolverines will take on Kansas State tonight in the great state of Arizona, which happens to put out a decent amount of football prospects for a desert state. Michigan is trying to lure five-star receiver Christian Kirk while it's in the Southwest, offering him this past week:

Kirk's tape, as you might expect, is ridiculous:

I see elite burst, solid hands, quick feet and a running motion that comes directly from the track; Tavon Austin minus video-game vision, if you will.

Will Michigan be able to pull him out of the opposite corner of the country? Probably not, but a strong showing from Shane Morris in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl could help get the ball rolling. Florida State, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M, USC and countless other powers are all trying to persuade him, so it looks doubtful.

Kirk isn't the only Arizona prospect Michigan is in contact with. Hybrid OLB/WDE prospect Cassius Peat doesn't hold an offer yet, but he did see the Wolverines prepare for their bowl game, and interest between the two parties seems legitimate($):

"They haven't talked about an offer yet but they said to call them this week to talk," said Peat. "So we'll see."

"I don't really have any favorites at the time but I'd seriously consider them for sure."

Peat isn't an elite prospect, but he is receiving attention from Arizona, Arizona State, and front-seven powerhouse Michigan State. His tape is solid:

Don't expect Michigan to offer any time soon, as the Wolverines are in hot pursuit of Jashon Cornell, Osa Masina and others who all already hold offers at the positions Peat is capable of playing; he'll see an offer if these top options fall through.

General Notes and Multimedia Items

We've got everything about the two major All-American bowls covered for you. Make sure to watch the eight different All-American Wolverines this upcoming week.

Jabrill Peppers is your USA Today Defensive Player of the Year, taking the award over Da'Shawn Hand and every other defender in the nation. He knows his fair share of hip-hop and loves him some track:

Other favorite sport: Track. I like running the 200 meters, just for the fact you have to be strong to run it. You have to know how to run the curve. In the 100, if you get beat off the line, it's over. In the 200, if you get beat off the line, you have plenty of room to make it up.

Most embarrassing: Losing on national television this year to my former school.

Favorite old school rapper: Probably LL Cool J.

Favorite old school rap: Juicy by Biggie (Smalls).

Favorite new school rapper: J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

I'm partial to Cole and Drake, so my respect for Peppers is somehow still growing.

It has been a rough year for Michigan fans. Trey Burke was two plays away from winning a national title, the football team has fallen by the wayside, Da'Shawn Hand spurned us all at the last moment, and now Mitch McGary has to have back surgery. But we still have sunshine: