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And So Begins the Long, Cold Dark

Michigan limps into the offseason a casual 2-6 to close out the season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan's inability to run the ball again lead to their downfall, as Shane Morris and Devin Funchess led the team in rushing. This is not a joke.

This was a schizophrenic Michigan team, with the offense coming in weird fits and spurts and disappearing for games at a time. Last night was the latter, also compounded by the fact that Michigan left their defense in Ann Arbor for the first half and during a critical stretch in the fourth quarter. Someone else will probably write more later, and without getting too far into retrospective mode, my lasting memories for the season will be Devin Gardner's virtuoso performance against Ohio State on one foot, nearly overcoming drops, a barely functional run game, and a completely terrible run defense. But hey- Shane Morris looked pretty good.

And thus begins the eight months without Michigan football, and an offseason of questions. Hopefully I can retire this song, but one last time, let Paul Simon carry you into oblivion.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share 
And no one dared 
Disturb the sound of silence.

I'm not too upset about this one. Bowls are an exhibition of what a team is, and Michigan stayed true to form. They'll be back, hopefully sometime soon. In eight months, we'll see what Team 135 can do. Thank you to the seniors who spent four-plus years in the Maize and Blue- may your time dedicated to your university be repaid with degrees, future success, and whatever comes next. Until next time- Cheers, Michigan Faithful.