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New Year's Day Open Thread: Hair of the Dog Edition


Harry How

Welcome to the MnB New Year's Day Open Thread. I'll try to keep this short.

If you're reading this it means that you drank responsibly and got a ride home or stayed with friends. And by stayed with friends I mean that they forgot you were in the bathroom and they found you in the tub this morning. If you passed out behind a Denny's, just tell everyone that you actually called a cab and made it home okay. No matter what, I'm glad you're still around to stop by.

Shash already covered today's games in his Survival Guide. Please note that yours truly is winning the office pool, but there's no doubt I'll lose it down the stretch.

Other than that, there isn't much more that can be said. So sit back, enjoy the games, and comment away. Mind the guidelines--hangovers are no excuse for being douche-y. Share some good stories from last night if you've got 'em, too.

I'll be in and out today due to some family activities, but will be back by the beginning of the Rose Bowl at the latest. If this place is a mess when I get back, you're all grounded for a week, and I'll have to reconsider leaving you alone in the future.

Today's tune is something soothing. Take it away Edvard...