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MnB Big Ten Bowl Projections

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The bowl picture is pretty much set. Ohio State will probably get a shot for the national title, and Michigan State moves into the Rose Bowl.

Gregory Shamus

Auburn really screwed things up for everyone. Not that I'm an Alabama fan, but I certainly wanted things to remain as stable as possible, ensuring a 'Bama/Florida State BCS title game, thus leaving Ohio State in the cold. Now, it looks as though the Buckeyes will be able to grab a coveted seat in the title match-up. However, if Auburn takes care of Missouri in a significant way on 12/7, then I think we'll see an Auburn/FSU BCS title game. It's also possible that a Michigan State loss to Ohio State could drop the Spartans outside of the top 14, thus not allowing them to play in the Rose Bowl, and opening it up for an invite for someone like Alabama; yikes! Rather than trudge through those murky waters of "What if...?", I'll stick to what the current situation tells us.

So what happens now for the B1G? Nebraska will fall a spot, while Michigan and Minnesota will remain in last week's projected spots. Iowa's quick rise at the end of the season will allow them to jump up into the Outback Bowl, and Michigan State will get to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1987.

The Badgers' loss to Penn State knocks them out of the BCS bowl group, but they should still get a decent bowl in the Capital One Bowl.

Michigan State still has a very legitimate shot of defeating the Buckeyes, but we need to assume that Ohio State will be able to take care of business in the B1G Championship.

Of course, all of this means that there are two B1G-affiliated bowl games that will be unfilled by B1G teams: Heart of Dallas and Little Caesar's.

BCS National Championship Game, Jan. 6 Ohio State
Rose Bowl, Jan. 1 Michigan State
Capital One, Jan. 1 Wisconsin
Outback, Jan. 1 Iowa
BWW, Dec. 28 Nebraska
Gator, Jan. 1 Michigan
Texas, Dec. 27 Minnesota

So, we'll see what happens when the official bowl selections come out.

Where do you think our teams will go?