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College Football Preview - Championship Week

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Urban Meyer is a hypocrite, Wonder Woman is back, The New Mustang looks sweet and The Iron Bowl aftermath will never get old. .

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Football's regular season has, mercifully, come to an end.

Team 134 didn't live up to it's early season potential and while they failed, again, to reach the Big Ten Championship game, they played some tough football in it's season finale.

Michigan's 42-41 loss to that team from Ohio was a heartbreaking way to end the season. So close yet so far away.

Life After Michigan

This week, there is no need to have the bye week blues that come when Michigan football is off. There is plenty to see and a lot of drama waiting to be unfolded.

The National Championship is still to be determined, as are the rest of the bowl games.

One things is for certain: We have found our new Wonder Woman!

There are other things in the sports world outside of Michigan athletics.

The Detroit Pistons are playing relevant basketball, the Detroit Lions look to be (fingers crossed) playoff bound and a meaningful hockey game in the near future for the Detroit Red Wings.

If you think you might be in for a REALLY NICE Christmas present, take a look at the new Mustang.

Or relax and listen to an epic compilation mix.


ESPN's 'College GameDay' is headed to Big Ten country for it's final appearance.

Saturday, December 7

(all games are in Eastern Standard Time.)

#17 Oklahoma @ #6 Oklahoma State 12:00 P.M. TV - ABC

Oklahoma State ended Baylor's dreams of a National Championship and are now looking at potentially crashing the BCS picture.

It's a long shot but if Florida State, Ohio State and Auburn all lose in their championship games this weekend, Oklahoma State could make a strong case to being in the top two. Granted, it's a long shot that the top three teams lose, but anything is possible.

Just ask Alabama.

Oklahoma has become kind of a forgotten team this season. They are, arguably, the most boring team ranked in the top 25. Bob Stoops is the kind of guy you either love or hate, and the Sooners could be in for a long day against the Oklahoma State offense.

#25 Texas @ #9 Baylor 3:30 P.M. TV - FOX

Seems like ages ago when we were talking about Baylor being in Pasadena for a shot at the big game. Flash forward a couple of weeks and the Bears are just hanging on to a top ten ranking.

Baylor can still play for a BCS bowl appearance and to have it's QB make the final list of Heisman hopefuls.

Texas has had quite the interesting season. From calls to fire Mack Brown to beating rival Oklahoma in convincing fashion.

The calls for Nick Saban to become the next coach of Texas will only continue to grow until Texas names it's next head coach. Saban at Texas would be an even scarier site than what he has achieve at Alabama.

#5 Missouri vs. #3 Auburn 4:00 P.M. TV - CBS

Another year, another complaint that a 1-loss SEC team deserves to make the national championship over an undefeated team from a "lesser" conference.

The ironic thing is that it could be Urban Meyer who has to eat his own words.

Auburn just had the greatest ending to any college football game in the history of the sport. Beating then-No.1 Alabama was quite the achievement for a first-year coach. Now facing Missouri will be no easy task.

Missouri may be ranked behind Alabama in the rankings but if the Tigers can win the SEC, they could end what little chance the 'Bama faithful have at getting back in the National Championship picture.

Playing on a neutral field, this will be quite the offensive spectacle.

#7 Stanford vs. #11 Arizona State 7:45 P.M. TV - ESPN

The winner of this game will be smelling roses.

Stanford is the best 2-loss team in the country and that's clear from their ranking. We could argue all day about them being ranked ahead of the likes of Baylor and Michigan State, but it is what it is.

Arizona State had a fluke victory over Wisconsin earlier in the season when the Pac-12 officials gave them an early Christmas present and gave them a win. The Sun Devils have had a solid season but this is a tough task to take on for a potential Rose Bowl berth.

Stanford lost two games this season that they had no reason losing. The Cardinal were a trendy pick to make the National Championship before the season started. Losses at Utah and at USC has forced them to shift their focus to, solely, a Conference Championship.

#20 Duke @ #1 Florida State 8:00 P.M. TV - ABC

Florida State is the envy of all of college football.

The #1 ranked team with one week to go until a ticket is, officially, punched to the National Championship game. To get there and bring home a championship, the Seminoles will need QB1 Jameis Winston under center.

We've all heard about Winston's potential legal issues. We will choose to focus on his on-field performance and leave the rest up to the legal experts.

Winston is the leader to take home the Heisman trophy. If it wasn't for this legal investigation, he would be running away with this trophy by a landslide.

Duke is playing so well that someone forgot to tell the team that they play for a basketball school. The Blue Devils have had a magical season and it will likely land the man in the charge with a Coach of the Year award.

#2 Ohio State vs. #10 Michigan State 8;17 P.M. TV - FOX

This is for all the marbles. For the glory. For the sunshine and spectacle that is the Rose Bowl.

Granted, Ohio State is playing for a potential BCS Championship appearance. However, the only thing guaranteed is a chance to punch a ticket to the Rose Bowl. Ohio State fans think they are better than that but they should be careful what they wish for. The Buckeyes would be an underdog against Florida State in the BCS National Championship and/or against Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

It's ironic that Urban Meyer, formally an SEC coach, lobbied that the SEC played the toughest schedule and deserved to be above a comparable team from the Big Ten. Meyer could end up being his own worst enemy.

Michigan State is playing for something more.

The Spartans have had a magical season that has only been held back by it's offensive limitations. The offense has gotten better as the season has gone on and the defense, well, is scary good.

This game, on paper, seems like a challenge between the Michigan State defense and the Ohio State offense.

The real test will be how many points that Spartan offense can generate against a Buckeye defense that just gave up 41 points to Michigan. Ohio State needs to not only win but win convincingly in order to secure it's ticket to the National Championship.