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2015 Prospect Profile: DT Tim Settle

Michigan needs at least one interior defensive lineman in the class of 2015. Could Michigan overtake its competitors and land five-star mauler Tim Settle?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Film and Ratings

Manassas, VA
Stonewall Jackson
6'3", 305

Service Star Rating Position Position Rank Overall Rank
247 ***** DT 3 10
ESPN **** DT 2 7
Rivals **** DT N/A N/A
Scout ***** DT 1 1(!)

As you can see, Settle is a truly elite interior player, climbing as high as number one overall in Scout's initial rankings and remaining in the top ten overall in both Scout and ESPN's initial rankings. He's likely to be a consensus five-star player once ESPN and Rivals actually release a full list of top players.


Frame: A-
Settle is your prototypical nose tackle, coming in at between 6'2" and 6'3". He isn't too long for the position or too short to fend off long interior offensive lineman. His frame is relatively clean for a 300-pound young man.

Strength: B+
As of right now, Settle is more of a finesse player than a strength player. That being said, don't overlook his strength, which is overwhelming for anyone he'll ever face on a high school football field.

Explosiveness/Acceleration: A+
Speed: A+
Agility: A+
I've been watching high school players' film for years now, and I've never seen a player this size move so well. Settle forced a pitch on a speed option then continued to maul the halfback who received the pitch. He chases down quarterbacks, changes directions to make tackles and flies in the air to swat passes down. Remember how scouts drooled over Ondre Pipkins' ability to move? Settle outdoes him.

On-Field Awareness: A
Settle makes all of the plays you can ask from a defensive tackle, doing a great job of reading the backfield by keeping his eyes up.

Technique: B+
Settle is already ahead of most defensive tackles his age, but most defensive tackles need major technique work before being ready for college. He uses his hands well to shed blockers, swimming by them with regularity, but he can still use work on pad level and bull rushing, which is an extremely useful tool to have at the tackle position.

Ceiling: A+
Settle is a rare gem at a critical defensive position. He has the size needed to play at any level and still manages to move like a linebacker. He could become an interior offensive lineman's worst nightmare given the proper strength training and coaching.


Settle holds offers from just about everyone in the country, including Michigan. The Wolverines have been involved with Settle for quite some time now, visiting Ann Arbor way back in September and talking with them long before that visit. Defensive tackle Hjalte Froholdt fell off of the board just a few days ago; Settle was offered today.

Two programs seem to have jumped out in front early: Ohio State and Virginia. The Cavaliers recruit their footprint well and have been in on Settle from day one, receiving countless visits from the young man. The Buckeyes are just as confident that they'll land Settle.


I have no idea where Settle ends up playing his college football. Both UVA and OSU would be realistic choices, and Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, North Carolina and other schools could all make legitimate claims for his services.

Michigan will get a serious look from Settle, who heard plenty of good about the Wolverines from Da'Shawn Hand despite the fact that he ended up choosing Alabama. He won't be making a decision until close to the end of his recruiting cycle, so Hoke and company have plenty of time to work their way in here.