Poll ~ Where does Michigan's history fit in?

I am new at being a football fan. I was a basketball fan before that and a baseball fan before that, and I love thinking about how each sport is unique in what it offers and requires to be successful. So, anyway, I'm new at being a focused, in-depth Michigan football fan as I've been for a couple seasons now. A lot of other fans I know are also new at rooting for Michigan, and I think, especially after RichRod, we're still solidifying what our legacy is, to ourselves. Sure, we've won more than any other team, but are we the Yankees or are we the calmer, more blue-collar Red Wings? What are the Wolverines? I've been thinking about this anyway, but one of the editors made a passing comment about our relationship with our history and that made me want to run a poll and see what people thought. What matters to you? What should matter to Michigan Wolverines?

Three yards and a cloud of dust. The team, the team, the team. It's Michigan, fergodsakes. Those who stay will be champions.

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