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EA Sports Cover Vote Giveaway

The people over at EA Sports have one hell of a prize for one lucky Maize and Brew reader. Read to find out how you can enter.

Gregory Shamus

Denard Robinson ran around defenders for four years at Michigan, and now Shoelace is in the running for the cover of NCAA Football 2014. The cover is something that's cherished by college football fans across the country; I was ecstatic when I saw that Desmond Howard was on the cover a few years back. Denard makes his case for the cover vote in this video:

There, now you're convinced to go and VOTE for him. If it wasn't clear before, this LINK will take you to the place where you VOTE for Denard Robinson to be on the cover of NCAA Football 2014. I really want to see him on the cover: no one else is more deserving of that spot than the man with the thousand-watt smile.

Now that you've voted, let's explain the details of the giveaway. The prize is a mini helmet provided by EA Sports and signed by Denard Robinson himself.


What you have to do is type up your most ridiculous Denard-related story and share it in the comments. The story can be anything from a time that you watched him in the Big House to the time that you flung a bowl of potato chips in the air while sitting on the couch at home; it counts as long as you were watching Shoelace.


Good luck, and please make sure to vote for Robinson as the cover man.

(Editors note - ZT: I did give away that calendar from our last giveaway (to MGOpher for this story) so I'm not a complete deadbeat on these things.)

(EDIT: Make sure to check the article tomorrow, Friday the 8th, as I'll be choosing a winner then. Voting finishes up tonight at midnight and Robinson is still comfortably in the lead, but make sure you go and vote again just to make sure he lands the cover spot. I'll be emailing the winner for shipping details, so make sure you check this thread to see if you won and if you need to email me.)