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Tonight, we are all Gophers

Minnesota upsets Indiana at the Barn, and all the sudden this Big Ten race just got a lot more interesting.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan needed a bit of help in the conference race. Everyone did. Indiana entered the game nursing a two game lead in the conference and three wins would have made the final showdown against Michigan to finish the season purely academic.

Instead, Minnesota shows all the athletic potential that had people talking about the Gophers as a top-three Big Ten team, Indiana goes down in the final seconds, and Michigan is back in control of its own destiny.

Michigan has the game tomorrow against Penn State, but now the Sunday showdown against Michigan State looms even larger as the Spartans are the biggest challenge remaining before that final game showdown. Still, Michigan gets its two toughest opponents at home, and compared to the Spartans and the Hoosiers, an advantageous closing schedule.

Just win, baby.

Also, there are still no reports of whether Rodney Williams has come back to earth after that block in the corner. No other player in the Big Ten even gets close to that ball. Hats off, son.

Now excuse me while I go apologize to the guy that called this upset in a comment thread a couple days ago.