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NSD Update: Ben Gedeon is Blue

Michigan gets the official word from another exciting linebacker prospect out of Ohio.


Ben Gedeon
6'3 / 215lbs.
Rivals: 4-star; 5.8
Scout: 4-star
247: 4-star; 92

Michigan is doing pretty well cornering the market on promising white linebacker prospects from Ohio. If you figure two of the last three classes produced Jake Ryan and Joe Bolden (the middle class produced a white LB prospect from Michigan, Desmond Morgan -- also, pretty good), Gedeon falls right in line with that (as does Michael Ferns in 2014, but that's another post.

Gedeon is a very impressive prospect that has been getting rave reviews from people like Steve Lorenz (formerly of Tremendous, now 247). Gedeon probably slots in as a Will linebacker prospect based on his size and athletic ability, and with James Ross right ahead of him, one would hope Gedeon would redshirt to get a little seperation on the roster.