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Wilton Speight Commits to Michigan

The 2014 quarterback prospect pledges to next year's class.

Eric Francis

Today was supposed to be fairly drama free, what with Henry Poggi the only remotely undecided recruit (and even he is only undecided in only the most fringe-recruitnik's mind). That is until Wilton Speight decided to come aboard.

Speight is a 6'6 quarterback prospect out of Richmond VA, he has little in the way of established ratings or a recruiting profile, but that's ok since he won't be able to sign his letter of intent for a full year anyway. There is time for the rest. Michigan was rumored to be offering two more quarterbacks early in the process (Michael O'Conner and David Cornwell) and with little in the way of depth at the position, Michigan could take a second QB in the class.

Check back later for more on Michigan's newest 2014 commit, as well as news about all of today's signing day action.