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Jake Ryan tears ACL in spring practice: go ahead and cry now

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/shakes fist /keeps shaking /not sure who I'm even shaking it at at this point

Surprise: ACL tear.
Surprise: ACL tear.

What is worse than a serious spring practice injury? A serious spring practice injury to your defense's best player.

According to the UM Football twitter account, Jake Ryan tore his ACL

So yeah, this is bad. Like, really about the worst thing that could have happened. The timetable on recovery from these injuries isn't favorable to Ryan being able to play this season, and it could limit him until spring practice next year (or longer).

It is way too early to say what this does to Michigan's defense next year outside of "leaves it without its best player". One thing Michigan is going to have to figure out is a way to seriously up its pass rush, as Ryan was one of the few players last year capable of getting to the quarterback.

I'm going to go drink now.