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Your Friday Drinking Instructions Went on Spring Break

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Well, sort of. I just drank a lot of Mexican beer. I've finally developed an equation to turn Corona from cat piss into something drinkable!


Greetings again, Michigan Faithful.

By now, you've turned to thoughts of spring - which means basketball, spring practice, and baseball season. It also means another hallowed tradition for most college students and those who can't quite let go - spring break. So today, we're looking at some spring break beer - the results will not astound you, because you've all had more Coronas than I have.

Your Standard Spring Break Beer

CoronaritaBased on an incredibly scientific sample, I can say that spring break beer falls into one of two categories: Corona or Tecate. I cannot stand Corona, but I hear it's the beer to drink if you're a bro on campus these days, so here goes nothing.

Corona is your standard lager, probably on the lighter side than most, with hardly any hoppy taste. My friend Dane once gave me what has turned into one of two ways I enjoy Coronas: the Beerarita. Not to be confused with the swill made by Bud Light, I'm pretty sure the recipe is this:

Four Coronas + One can of frozen margarita mix + lots of Cuervo, resulting in something like what's on the left if you're a fancy person and save half the bottle to put in your drink upside down.

I am not a fancy person when it comes to my spring break beer, so I'd suggest just pouring the whole thing into a pitcher and skipping the salt/glass. Again, I stress that this is only delicious while in Mexico and if it's the first thing you've put into your body all day.

Tecate is actually drinkable and doesn't really need much with it. There's also a darker version which tastes vaguely like an ale. I'd stick with that unless you have easy access to the above ingredients.

Jalapenos Change The Game.

Jalapeno_chile__311182_medium + 232_medium - wooah.

Do this. I have nothing more to say.

In case you thought I wasn't going to talk about craft beer:

Brooklyn Pennant AleWrong. It's officially baseball season, which means it's time to crack open a case of Brooklyn's pennant ale. I rave about this every year, and this year's batch is really good. It. Tastes. Like. Baseball. Not in a leather kind of way, but in an "I feel like I'm at the ballpark" kind of way. It's a simple summer ale, which means it's decently hoppy, but it's very crisp and my #1 choice for the official drink of Wiffle as well. My buddy introduced me to this stuff and I initially blew it off because he's a massive homer for New York beer, but this very well changed my mind.

The color is a crisp amber, or a touch lighter - it tastes lighter than an amber too. The pour I had from my first one was a bit foamy, but I actually like the head on this beer, so I'm okay with it. My ideal spring break takes me far away from Coronas and lands me at Opening Day Weekend with a case of these and my Tigers hat that's falling apart. Either way, it'll get your mind off the snow and right into spring.

Give these a try during basketball this weekend - you won't regret it. Michigan tips off Friday night, so grab a six-pack or a Brooklyn sampler and enjoy the game.

Cheers, Michigan Faithful!