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Michigan to face Florida at 2:20 pm Sunday

Michigan gets the overtime win and Florida burns down #Dunkcity. The next one is for the south regional.

RIP #Dunkcity
RIP #Dunkcity

(4) Michigan (29-7) vs. (3) Florida (29-7)

31 March 2013; 2:20pm, CBS

The Gators are similar to Michigan in that for a long time they looked like a lock for a number one see and spent stretches of the season ranked in the top spot. Like Michigan, Florida stumbled down the stretch, losing three of their last six regular season games and then dropping the SEC championship game to Ole Miss.

Despite dropping to a three-seed, Florida remains a dangerous team and many analysts favorite to win the whole thing. Florida has the second best adj Def. efficiency ranking according to KenPom and the fifth best offense. The Gators are essentially Wisconsin on steroids: slow pace (303rd nationally with 62.3 poss per game), heavy dose of rebounding, and a deadly group of outside shooters.

Although nobody in the tournament has looked more impressive than Michigan at times. This one isn't quite as dead even as the last game (KenPom has Florida winning by 5, 71% certainty), but at this point in March anything can happen.

Just ask Kansas.