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Michigan 79 - Florida 59: Final Four Bound

Michigan hammers the Gators to earn a trip to the Final Four for the first time since that last one that didn't count (you know which one).

Pretty much the game, in one picture.
Pretty much the game, in one picture.
Ronald Martinez

South Dakota State University? Check.

Virginia Commonwealth University? Check.

The University of Kansas? Check.

The University of Florida? Double check.

Here it is folks. After an up and down year, weeks at number one, losses to a bunch of Big Ten teams, and a blown chance at a conference title, Michigan is playing the best basketball it has all year, and doing so at exactly the right time.

Michigan is in the Final Four. Take a breath and enjoy this.

This game seemed like it was over before it had really even begun. Michigan had already scored 13 points before Florida got its first basket, and things just kept getting out of hand from there. Michigan's best lead was 24 points, and Florida never got within double digits after Michigan made it 10-0.

Mitch McGary continued his very strong play with 11 points and nine rebounds (one short of his third straight double double). Trey Burke played through illness and still scored 15 while adding seven assists.

The big story was Nik Stauskas, who made Florida pay bigtime in the first half, starting 6-6 from the field and 5-5 from three.

Syracuse awaits next Saturday. More about that game is on the way this week.

For now, enjoy this one, everybody. I know I will.