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Russell Bellomy tears ACL

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He should have never committed to Purdue. Not even for a second.

We'll always have, er...Nebraska.
We'll always have, er...Nebraska.
Eric Francis

Because we can't have nice things, Russell Bellomy has tore his ACL according to reports. How this is just coming out now is a shock, but Bellomy apparently suffered the injury last Friday. Fort Schembechler, man.

Before you say something snarky about the Nebraska game, remember that Michigan has just one additional scholarship quarterback on the roster. Well, Michigan will have one additional scholarship offer when Shane Morris shows up to campus this summer. The same Shane Morris that looked raw in the UA all-American game, struggled in his high school season with mono and inconsistency, and will have just a few weeks to learn the playbook and back up Devin Gardner.

So yeah, this is bad. Michigan's refusal to recruit a quarterback in the 2012 cycle is looking more and more like a poor decision.

In related news: let's not hit Devin Gardner in practice ever. Also, someone carry him to class.

That is all.

(Apparently there is a press release, so my initial skepticism before posting this wasn't confirmed. Either that or UM's athletic department is filled with a bunch of cruel, vindictive a-holes.)