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Trey Burke to announce his decision to enter the NBA draft Sunday (Update: It's official)



(Updated: It is official)

Let's all try and hold back our shock and surprise. Looks like Trey is gone to the league.

As much as I would love to see Trey in maize and blue again next season, this is pretty much the only right move at this juncture. You don't win player of the year from just about everybody that bothers to give out the award, take up space on everyone's all-American team, and separate yourself as the best college player in the country then decide to try and do it again.

Trey's draft stock probably won't go any higher. He is a six-foot-tall point guard; those guys don't get drafted in the lottery very often. The only way coming back helps Trey's draft prospects is if he grows three inches or develops the ability to teleport. Since neither of those are very likely -- don't count it out, not with Trey -- this seems like the sensible thing to do.

Besides, we'll always have Kansas.

And, you know, everything else. Let's just hope he told GRIII and McGary to avenge his tournament loss.