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2014 WR Drake Harris commits to Michigan

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The former MSU commit has made it official and joined a Michigan class he was looking likely to join for weeks.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan has been in the market for a big-time receiver for the last couple of recruiting classes, and the Wolverines may have found that in Harris. The 6'3 175 lbs receiver currently sits as a four-star and boasts offers from the best of the best: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Michigan State. He had been a MSU commit earlier in the recruiting cycle when he was more focused on basketball -- where he is also a pretty well regarded recruit -- but the realization that 6'3 blue-chip receivers are harder to come by than 6'3 shooting guards, Harris turned his focus to the gridiron and opened back up his commitment. The sweetest part?

Brady Hoke: climbin' in yo windows, snatching yo targets up.

More from DGDestroys later. For now, welcome to the class, Drake. Your shirt's probably in the mail.