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Tim Hardaway Jr. sets press conference for 3pm

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He will either be announcing his decision as to whether to enter the draft, or giving cooking lessons to the press. I'd bet on the former.

Ronald Martinez

Hard to tell exactly what this means as to his decision, but the chances of him announcing that he is staying in a formal press conference are a little lower than announcing that he is leaving. You'd figure the chances of him just shooting out a press release and staying are pretty good.

Going to the NBA is probably the prudent move for Hardaway Jr. as his draft stock doesn't look to have much upward mobility with another year in college. Furthermore, with his father being an NBA scout, you can at least count on him getting some decent advice as to whether to stay or go.

Hopefully Tim will not only announce that he is staying, but that he talked GRIII and McGary into sticking around as well.

I'm not holding my breath.

No word yet on whether Tim Hardaway's hat will be in attendance.